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Kraig Robson

I am having a problem with Quizmaker crashing when I go into Slide View mode on 3 quizzes that I have created.  I had no issue creating these quizzes and viewing them in Slide View until this morning.  

I have tried repairing my install several times, as well as renaming the shared folder as described in the link above.  I have noticed that I am able to open other simple quizzes without the crash happening.

Is it possible my quiz template for these quizzes has become corrupt?  Any way I can repair this so I don't have to rebuild my quizzes?

Thanks, Kraig

Kraig Robson

OK, the issue has been solved.  I submitted a case and uploaded my quizmaker file.  The engineer was able to open and view in slide mode without an issue and suggested I try importing questions into a new quiz.  I did this and it worked - no more crashing when I went into slide view mode.  I then tried to apply  my existing template in the Player Template Manager and it was nowhere to be found (as well as other templates I created).  I easily recreated the template and it worked perfectly.  I suspect that my template had become corrupt in some way (or was just missing and the program was looking for it), and this caused the program to hang.  Not sure if that's exactly what happened, but importing the questions and recreating definitely solved the issue.

Thanks!  Kraig