Creating a mandatory Review for quizzes

Feb 20, 2018


I'm attempting to make it mandatory for a user to review the quiz before they can retake it. I tried to create a condition that hides the "Retry Quiz" if the "Review Quiz" is not visited but it does not work for whatever reason. The whole reason why I'm creating this rule is I want the user to review all the questions they got incorrect and for each question they got incorrect, redirect them to the slide that has the answer. After they review all questions they can retake the quiz.

Please help me!

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Scott, a cheat idea - what about simply putting a shape over the top of the “Retake Quiz” button (ie white box if white background), and then hide the shape only once all reviews are done?  Might be an easy way to achieve, without having to actually change the retake quiz button functionality.

cheers Christine  

Scott  Garrett

Thank you Christine, but the issue is getting the Retry quiz or even the hidden shape to appear/hide (Depending on which route I go) after I click the "Review Quiz" button. Seems like no matter what rule I create, I cannot change the state of the retry quiz or hidden button after the "review quiz" button has been visited. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Scott!

You could try setting the initial state of the Retry button to hidden. Then, add a trigger to "Change staten of Retry button to Normal when user clicks 'Review Quiz' button."

Also, be sure that trigger is on top of the "Jump to slide # when user clicks the Review Quiz button." 

That way, the trigger will fire just a split second before the learner navigates back to the first quiz slide.

Let me know if that helps!