Creating a Question Pool to Select From

Jul 14, 2014

I just completed a set of 100 questions as a final exam for a course we created with Presenter '13 and QuizMaker '13. I want QuizMaker to randomly present 65 of those 100 questions as a final exam but can't find an option for that. Can you provide some direction?



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mick kless


Thank you again for your help. That's exactly what we were trying to accomplish. In 1 week's time, we have migrated our courseware away from one of your competitors (iSpring), built out our quiz question set and are up & running on our current LMS (which we will be migrating away from once the subscription expires in the Fall). We didn't do anything fancy with Presenter '13 since a flaw in the iSpring solution necessitated that we find another solution and migrate quickly. But Presenter '13 and QuizMaker '13 were incredibly intuitive and easy to use. When I originally spoke to an Articulate salesperson prior to buying Presenter, he told me it would take a week or two to learn how to use it. Our courseware is built in PowerPoint and we were in production with Articulate in one day. We're looking forward to dressing up our courseware over the next few months with the additional features in Presenter.

Thank you again for your help - Regards, Mick

Mick Kless

President & CEO

Compliance Education Institute

R.I.S.C. Associates

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