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May 25, 2011


I know it's possible to add custom dictionaries to Quizmaker. Quizmaker standard languages are English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. There is a Dutch set of labels available for the player, but apparently no Dutch Dictionary.

What specs does the custom dictionary file have? i.e.: where could i go to look for a Dutch dictionary, to add to my Quizmaker?

i hope someone can help.

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Sytske van Hasselt

Thanks, for the speedy ressponse! There is indeed a Dutch dictionary that I can download.

I have added it to the custom dictionaries. Copied the file to Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Articulate\Proof. And selected it as the default custom dictionary.

But i'm not quite sure how i can use it for spellchecking. Is there something i am overlooking?

Wilfred vander Stokker

I know it`s a old post, but I tried several things including the downloading of a Dutch dictionary file (DIC) but it doesn`t work.

Is there anyone on this forum or from articulate that can tell me how to install/change settings for  a Dutch version of the spellings control.

It`s also possible in other langue so why not in Dutch.

Thanks in advantage for any reply that will help solve this problem

David Burton


In the following forum post, Justin Wilcox provided instructions for adding a custom dictionary file (.dic) to Engage. Just recently we had to investigated this method further, and found this will not work as described. We apologize for any confusion. For more detail, please read below.

The additional Main Dictionary languages shown in Justin's Screenr is part of our Storyline product (not yet released). There's not an option in Engage to Add Main Dictionary languages.

It would appear, adding custom dictionaries does not work as expected when using the files downloaded from the following link. These files are not compatible or in the correct format to work with the Articulate Studio '09 applications.

Dictionary files not compatible with the Articulate Studio '09 applications:

Again, we apologize for any confusion.

David Burton


Simple .txt files should work, but adhere to the following guidelines.

1. Each word entry in the list must have a new line return. This includes the last word in the list.

2. The list should be limited to 20,000 entries or less. I found anything greater has the potential to crash Engage.

3. The file can be saved with a .txt or .dic file extension.

The dictionary files provided in the posted link above, contain a strange formatting that required me to copy and paste all text (20,000 lines) from Notepad++ into Excel, then copy and paste into notepad. I couldn't find another way to add the needed line returns.

Please note, the custom language files that come with Engage are not the same as dictionary files. These files are compressed and designed to work differently.

I hope this helps!

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