Custom Text Labels in Quizmaker

Feb 12, 2012

I was working on a Quizmaker project with a highly-customized template, especially with custom text labels.

There are 60 text labels that can be customized, and finding the right ones out of the list can be difficult, resulting in some amount of trial and error.

In thinking about this, I decided to create and save a complete set of custom labels, with each label's text being changed to the number of the label in the list.

When this set of custom text labels is applied to an existing template and the quiz is previewed, every customizable label is shown as a number, which can then be easily (and accurately) identified in the Custom Label List.

I've attached a copy of that file, and if it's installed in the correct folder, it will be available on demand. The path (on my machine) of the folder is:


Your path will be different depending on your User Name and operating system, but you should be able to find it easily enough.

I hope this helps save time for some folks!


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