Disable auto-advance in preview

Feb 19, 2024

Hello everyone,

I have created a quiz consisting of 25 questions, with a time limit of 8 seconds per question. The presentation automatically progresses to the next slide every 8 seconds, as per my requirement. However, I encountered an issue: upon completion of the quiz, the slides continue to progress automatically during preview.

What I need is to disable the auto-advance feature during preview mode, allowing only manual navigation using the Next and Prev buttons. If anyone has faced a similar problem or knows of a solution, please share your insights. Thank you in advance.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Azar!

I'm happy to help! Are you wanting the question slides to not advance automatically when revisiting? Or are you wanting specific slides to advance automatically and others to advance by the user? 

If you can share your .story file, that would be helpful to see so we can offer specific help with your project in mind!

Azar Pashayev

Hello! Thank you very much for your response. The situation is like this: I
created a Quiz consisting of 25 questions. As the user starts the exam, the
question slides automatically advance in all 8 seconds. I want it to be
like this anyway. I set this from Timeline. The problem is that when the
user goes to the preview to have a look at the questions after finishing
the quiz, the question slides still continue to advance automatically,
which I don't want to happen. So I want it to progress automatically during
the exam time, but I want it to be done manually when previewing

Lauren Connelly

Hello Azar!

Thank you for adding these additional details! I would create this in Storyline 360, so you have more control over how the user moves through the course. 

I don't want to discourage you from setting up your quiz in this way, but it is important to remember that if you have users who are using a screen reader or assistive technology, they might not be able to navigate through the slide in 8 seconds. We usually don't recommend authors put a time limit on slides for that reason.

Is it possible that you could build this type of course without including a time limit for each slide and allowing users to move to the next slide after they've answered each question?

Azar Pashayev

Hello dear Lauren! Unfortunately, the QUIZ we want to create is designed for users who will take the driving license exam. And the Quiz will consist of 3 parts, the first part of which has 25 questions and users have to answer each question in only 8 seconds. You are right, normally 8 seconds may seem insufficient for a question. This is a method used to detect danger and is mandatory. The answer options for these questions are exactly the same. The image is shown for 8 seconds and the user is asked what he/she would do in this situation. 1. Brake 2. Release accelerator 3. Nothing. From what I understand it doesn't seem possible to do this.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Azar,

Thanks for sharing additional information regarding your design requirement. The best way for us to assist is to have us take a look at your Quizmaker file so we can check the current behavior as well as how to adjust it.

If importing your quiz to Storyline 360 is an option that you'd like to explore, you'll have the option to control how slides advance as mentioned by my colleague Lauren.

If you're okay with us checking your project file, please share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case for testing. We'll delete it when we're done!