disable submit on question slide and next question button for audi

Jan 05, 2012

How do I prevent user to click on submit button or disable submit button until question audio is finished. i do not wants user to submit answer before question slide audio is finished.

Also, I wants to do same thing for feedback. I do not want user to click on Next Question or Ok button and move to next question until feedback audio is finished. I tried this by branching, but did not work.

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David Anderson
Sunny Singh

Hi David:

Thanks for the reply. For the question slide works. However, on the feedback it did not. I suggest you, if you guyz can provide a fix patch for this solutions. For the compliance training when training is provided for saftey reason at high risk jobs, it is important to enforce student to listen audio and complete current slide without skipping. If student skipped something without learning and then student got injured, it could be law suit. It becomes complexe if skipped part is related to injury of the employee when performing his job.

I hope you understand, how important this feature is for us. I think these features that I list must be important for anyone who provide safety training like us.

Could you please request a quick solution from your team.



David Anderson


You know, one thing you could do is use another, non-graded question slide as your feedback slide? After your quiz question, insert a True/False question and set the points value to zero. Then, using the same technique as the question slide, move the radio buttons out in the timeline so they don't appear until after your feedback.

Another option:

Quiz slide followed by Presenter slide. Using single-question quizzes, you could advance each quiz to a PowerPoint slide that's set to restricted navigation. On that slide, you could include all the mandatory feedback you need before the learner is able to advance.

Do you think either of those ideas would work?

Sunny Singh

Hi David:

I think your feedback solutions is really good. I will do this if my company agreed with this solution. However, in our company I am a technical person but course contents will be generated by a non-technical persons. They really do not like little complexcity. I also feel like it should be more user friendly then this solutions. We choose articulate presenter because it was more user friendly and most of people know power point. However, these little things make this product more complex then I thought. I would like to suggest that your team should think about my suggestions I submitted as a new features.

I submitted three new features:

disable "Submit button until all the audio or video finished or question slide finished completely. disable "next question" button on feedback, Alphabitize answer choices. Additionally, I would recommand to disable any button that allows go back to presentation after user passed or failed or completed the quiz. One more thing, allow to completely fill player window completely from left and right both for quiz and presentation slide.

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