Do not want correct answers show up on quiz,

Aug 12, 2014

I need some help with a few basic things in quizmaker 13 but I can't find the info in the tutorials:

1. I do not want to show the correct answers on the quiz when the learner gets a question wrong. It is OK for them to review the quiz and see which questions they got wrong but I don't want it to show the right answer. I went to Edit Results and selected Allow user to review quiz and deselected show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing but the correct answers are still showing up when I preview.

2. I want users to be able to attempt the quiz 3 times. How do I set that? I see how to allow them to do each individual question 3 times but I want them to be able to try the quiz 3 times.

3. When they get to end of the quiz I want the options to be

a. Review quiz (this is showing up correctly)

b. retry quiz (this is showing up correctly)

c. Return to view the beginning of the presentation (if they don't pass the quiz) this is not showing up

d. Finish takes them to the last slide of the presentation. This is not showing up.

What settings do I have to use to get the last 2 options to show up?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Amanda!

Thanks for sharing your file.

So, the one piece that you were missing in order to allow the retries, was allowing the multiple attempts on the Failure layer. You had it set on the Success layer though Here is the documentation on the results slide in Quizmaker.

The other settings will be found in the properties when inserting into Presenter.

Check out the attached package for an example.

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