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Craig Cecchini

Thanks for the Pro-Tip, Emily!

I've attached a test sample of the slide I'm working on.

While we're here, would it be possible to look into another annoying issue I'm having?  I've added sound effects to correct and incorrect answers, with triggers set  to play upon dropping a correct item to the correct drop-zone and when an incorrect item is dragged over and incorrect drop-zone.  I'm experiencing a sound effect not triggering because the one before it hasn't finished playing yet.  Is there a possible work-around for this?  Ideally, I'd like to have the 'correct' sound effect triggered when a correct item is dropped into it's proper drop-zone and the 'incorrect' sound effect play when an item is dragged over the wrong zone and also snap back to it's original place.

Emily Ruby

Hello Craig,

Thanks for sharing the file. After testing a few things, it seems that when you add an audio clip to each drag item, for their incorrect drag spot, this is associating them with that drop spot, which is not allowing them to snap back to their original spot.

If you remove the Incorrect Audio from the drag items, all works as expected.

I am not sure if this is by design or not, but I will check with our QA team.

Attached is a new file with the Incorrect audio not assigned, and you can see that the items are snapping back to their original spot.

As far as the audio not triggering until the other is played, would you be able to trim the correct audio a slight bit?

Craig Cecchini


Thanks so much for looking at my file.  Trimming the correct audio helped with the trigger timing and removing the incorrect trigger allowed the incorrect items to snap-back.  However, if you or someone knows of a possible work around to have snap-back functionality and triggered incorrect audio, it would be welcomed.  It's not a necessity but would make me look awesome.