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Jul 11, 2012

I have 4 brief situations. I want the user to select Appropriate or Inappropriate. But, when the user selects "appropriate" it remembers if that one was typed next to A rather than the one typed next to C and marks them wrong. Is there a way to allow an answer to be used multiple times? I am trying to avoid using Multiple Choice - "which of the following" type question.


A. Dr. Bob access patient Smith's record.                                 Appropriate

B. Nurse Mary looks up her own x-ray file.                                 Inappropriate

C. Joe works on unit and looks up wife's records.                   Inappropriate

If user drags and drops the "Inappropriate" from B to match with C, it is marked wrong....

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Diane Yamashiro

Nancy, instead of a drag and drop you might try using a multiple response question. See Jeanette's tip on "Building a multiple response question that requires users to categorize items": https://player.vimeo.com/video/204926619. So, you would list your questions and the users would check their answer under the text box column headings of "Appropriate" or "Inappropriate." 

sandie coco

I have a similar situation. I have a technical diagram and want the learner to drag the label over the correct hardware. But there's a piece of equipment that has is used twice. I currently have it setup as a drag & drop. The problem is that I have two labels that are the same and they can be correct on 2 different objects. I'm not certain I can do a multiple response like Jeanette since it is just a checkbox. I need the learner to drag the label over the correct hardware.

Caroline Joiner

For this type of question I create 2 boxes at the bottom of the quiz screen, one labeled true/inappropriate/whatever and the other labeled false/appropriate/whatever. Then I have my list of choices in the top 3/4 of the screen. The learner drags the number of each choice into the appropriate box below. I've never answered this type of question here before now, but attached is a template of mine.

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