Drop-down quiz doesn't show"select" option when it opens in Chrome


My Quizmaker interaction works fine except for one thing. In Chrome, when you open it, it does not show the "select" option for the choices. Rather, it automatically is showing the first choice as a default. Funny thing is, it is working just fine in IE.

Here's the link.  https://kapextmediassl-a.akamaihd.net/genEd/Media/SC435/SC435_1704B/Quizmaker/Molecular_Genetics/quiz_html5.html

And attached is the source file.

I thought it was that HTML5 bug issue in Chrome, but I just published it, so I thought it should be fine.

I'd appreciate any feedback about what I'm doing wrong here.  



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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks Amit. We have an issue reported for SL2, but not for Quizmaker '13.

I'm seeing the behavior you are reporting and will share with the team. In my testing for the report, I did see that it works as expected in Quizmaker 360.

It does seem specific to HTML5 in Chrome, so you weren't wrong there.

Your link looks as expected in Safari:


Amit Goel

Thank you, Leslie.  I did report this to the Articulate Support desk.  Is that what you meant by, "We have an issue reported for SL2, but not for Quizmaker '13."

But I specified the Product (Quizmaker 13) in my report to the Support desk.  

Maybe I'll just have to come up with a different interaction type for this data because the interaction does need to work in all browsers.