Eliminating the Quiz results screen

Is there a way to eliminate the quiz results screen. After a user receives feedback on the questions I don't need them to see the results page. They have already received their feedback and they are not being assessed in any way on the results so I would just as soon eliminate the screen and have the rest of the course simply progress. Thanks for any help.

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Carla Kelley-Gonzales

Hi! In Quizmaker 09, I was able to branch to blank slides for customized feedback on a quiz question and then use the option above to elect to not show results. I don't see that option in Quizmaker 13? Also, I have created the blank slides but I don't have a branching option to skip the slide with feedback that doesn't match the answer.

Is this done differently in Quizmaker 13 or is using blank slides as feedback something that isn't available in '13.

I appreciate your help!