Feedback by Answer NOT by Question

Apr 01, 2011

Is there a means to default the feedback  to by answer rather than by question ?

I am using multiple choice questions, each with answer specific feedback. QM defaults the feedback to "By Question" and I manually override, on a question by question basis, to feedback by answer.

It would be easier if I can set the default to feedback by answer.

Thank you ... Bill

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David Anderson

The one thing that comes to mind is using Quizmaker templates. You could save a quiz as a .quiztemplate with all your preferences and options set up. Then import that question into your quiz.

Another idea would be to first create a MC question with your desired settings and then duplicate it to create each new question. By duplicating it first, you'll retain the bare bones version and not have to make as many changes for each new question.

I agree it would make a great feature request.

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