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Oct 18, 2013

Hi, can someone please help me?  When I creat a Master template for my feedback layers, I gut stuck at a point and then I actually cannot continue to change the template.  For example, I can't change the background colour for some of the layers - no matter what I tried.  I even started a completely new Quiz but still have the same problem.  I am so frustrated!  thank you

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adene,

When you said you can't continue, do you mean that Quizmaker freezes? When you're changing items within the Master slides (including the feedback) the layers will take on all the properties of the parent, but you'll be able to change thing such as content, placeholders, etc. Additionally  you can apply themes while you're in Feedback Master view, it won't appear that the theme has changed until you close the master view. This is because feedback for quiz questions isn't actually displayed on separate slides—it gets displayed on transparent layers that overlay your question slides.

In the event that your Quizmaker is freezing, you may want to conduct a repair of your Studio software.  

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