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Jul 31, 2013


Is it possible to have a non-trackable question in the body of the lesson, where the learner will get two attempts to correctly answer the question. If they get the 1st attempt incorrect, the feedback will display"incorrect: try again". When the learner trys again andthey get the 2nd attemptincorrect, the

feedback should say "incorrect, and the correct answer is ______.

I see that this can be done in Storyline. But, is it possible to achieve the same functionality in Quizmaker?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard


There is not a default way to do this in Quizmaker like in Storyline, but a possible solution depending on the type of question you're setting up would be to have a custom feedback by answer, where you could give the user a bit of a hint/clue and allow them to try the question more than once (If you want them to find out the correct answer always, you'd set the number of attempts to match potential answers). Directions are here on how to set this up.

Hope that helps!

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