Fill-in-the-blank questions causing reporting error

Feb 02, 2012


I'm using Quizmaker with SharePointLMS. Throught much troubleshooting, i've found that quizmaker files that include fill-in-the-blank questions are not working correctly in our LMS. They:

1. Report passed to the grade book for everyone (even if failed) and/or

2. Don't record the score to the SCORM section of the LMS (all scores for all students are blank)

I've checked to make sure all settings are the same in files with only MC and TF questions, and they are.

The only difference i've found is including fill-in-the-blank. I tested this with two quizzes

1. A 5 item quiz: 4 MC/TF and 1 Fill-in.

2. A 4 item quiz: 4 MC/TF - NO fill-in

The 4 item (no fill-in) worked fine; the 5 item (with fill-in) did not. All settings were the same.

Can anyone provide some insight?



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Justin Wilcox

Hi Leslie.

I would take a look at this blog article and test the content in the SCORM Cloud and see if you can duplicate there. If you can't, it's likely an issue with the LMS. You may also want to create a version that has the debug log enabled so that you can share that information with your LMS (they might have a debug on their end too so check first).

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