Fill in the blank with Matching Drop-Down Question

I'm trying to recreate the methodology in the screenr demo at with a fill-in-blank-question with matching drop-down.  However, when I try to resize the boxes to hide the matching text, the text just wraps instead of being covered up.  What do I need to do?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Nancy! Sounds like maybe when you go to resize, you are selecting the entire group of match choices. Try this: open the timeline at the bottom of your Slide View window, and then click the little triangle next to the "Matching Drop-Down" item. This will allow you to see and manipulate each item separately. Check out the picture below. Because I've expanded the question elements in the timeline, I'm able to see & select only the first match item rather than all three. I hope that helps! But if  not, maybe you could post a screenshot or quick Screenr video of what you're seeing, and we can help troubleshoot further.

Nancy Hyde


Wow!  It's great to get an answer from you directly.  I feel like I'm talking to a celebrity. I really enjoy your screenr explanations.  Articulate does a lot of good ones, but yours in particular are very clear and useful. 

The problem wasn't selecting multiple items.  It was that I wasn't pushing the text over quite far enough.  I've inserted a screenshot to show what I mean.  The first drop down shows the problem I was having with the text wrapping.  The second one shows the text disappearing when I resized the item a little further.  I had to actually resize it past the edge of the drop down oval, which I didn't expect.



Jeanette Brooks

Hi Nancy (& thanks for your kind words!) - thanks also for posting your solution. Really glad you were able to figure out what was causing the issue. Sometimes Quizmaker can get a little persnickety about selecting / resizing objects and it can take a little trial and error to get things to look the way we want. Your slide looks good! If you wanted to get rid of that scrollbar on the right, you could resize or reposition the bounding box around the slide so that it doesn't go off the bottom edge... anytime an object exceeds the bottom boundary of the slide it will cause the scrollbar to appear. Not horrible, but sometimes people don't want that there, especially if there's not actually any additional visible content to see when you scroll.

Thanks again for posting!