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I have a simple quiz with 10 multi-choice questions. I'd like to customize the result pages to include two different buttons (one in the Passed page and the other in the Failed page) in order to direct the user according to whether he/she pass or fail the quiz; if the user pass the quiz then he/she will be directed to a 'finishing' page, but if he/she fails the quiz then to go to the opening page of the course (to retake the training).

I managed to do that using the finish button. But the issue is that the finish button (however I rename it) is going to have the same name in the pass result page or the fail result page. Is there a way to have two different buttons with two different names, one in the pass page and the other in the failed page?

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Leslie McKerchie

Anton, that's what I was wondering.

When you have your quiz within Presenter and set your number of attempts, the fail slide will default to have a 'Retry' button as well as the finish button.  You could have the action of the finish button on the failed slide go to a hidden slide with further instructions if your user fails to select 'retry'.

If that wouldn't help you there seems to be method in this thread to actually hide the finish button, but that would not be supported by Articulate.

I hope this helps you and have a great day!