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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Vineeta!

Text in Matching Drag and Drop questions will automatically adjust size to fit inside the drag-and-drop objects. This is by design in Quizmaker.

If this is not desirable, a common alternative is to use a Matching Drop Down question type instead. This workaround allows you to resize the Choice text boxes in Slide View. However, the Match drop-down lists cannot be resized.

If you would like to submit a suggestion to our product development team for review, you may use this Feature Request Form.

Dennis Smith

If any of the matching drag and drop choices initially has lengthy text, the font size is automatically reduced. However, if you edit the question and remove some of the text in the matching item, the font size is not adjusted back to a larger size. It will continue to display at the smaller font size even if it has less text than other choices. Is there a way to correct this?