Free Form Drag-n-Drop Quiz

Hello e-learning heroes,

I am trying to build a free-form drag-in-drop quiz. I have attached the quiz below.

The main target area is an example of a teacher announcement in an online course. It represents an example of a teacher instructing through the announcement.

I have three drag options: Celebrate, Inform, Instruct. Instruct is the correct answer. I would like participants though to select the right option and drag to the computer screen. I am having trouble determining how to make Instruct the correct response so that when participants drag to the computer screen, they receive the the Correct feedback. And I am having trouble determine the Incorrect feedback since only one option is correct. 

I realize the three drag items will be dropped in the same target area, so I am not sure if that is the best approach.

As always, I appreciate the help and guidance.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Don,

All looks set up correctly with the exception of one item - you'll want to change the one option shown here - that one they can drop an incorrect item and receive feedback. You could also uncheck that box completely so that they could drop anywhere on the screen (but I had a hard time knowing where the drop target I may keep it this way):

Hope that helps!