Graphics with fine detail too small to read!

I need to attach a chart to a Quizmaker question that has very fine detail. 

The graphic that appears when I attach the chart is too small to read the detail properly even when I click the magnifying glass icon.

Is there a way of enlarging the graphic to a readable size or linking to a file that will open the chart in a readable format?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alex. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

What type of question are you using in Quizmaker? Some of the question types may allow for larger images and customization, but I do not believe all of them do. If not, perhaps you could modify the image so that it displays only the portion that needs to be the focus for the question. If there are multiple areas of the chart that need to pertain to questions, you could always add separate questions to cover specific sections of the chart, or review those sections.

if you can tell me what question type you're using, i can try to take a look and see if there are any other methods you could use.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alex,

Thanks very much for the information and screenshots. Unfortunately, though, it doesn't look like there's currently an option to modify the way images zoom for the numeric question type. If you'd like to see that type of feature in the future, I'd recommend submitting a feature request.

Articulate - Submit a Feature Request

I know this may not be what you'd prefer to do, but in the meantime you could use a link to display the image so that it appears larger and in a new window. You could even modify the size of the browser window, so it appears exactly as you want it to. I posted a very quick example here. Keep in mine that it's not very elegant, I just wanted to show you how this may make viewing the image a little easier for your users. 

If this is an option that would work for you, you might want to take a look at the following article:

Articulate Support > Adding Hyperlinks in Form View

I hope this helps!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alex,

Sorry about that! I should have given more information on that. I actually used the link for the image that was posted in this thread. If you click on the original image you attached, in your very first post, you'll see it open in a new window. 

In order to use the image in a course as a hyperlink, it will need to be uploaded to a server. I don't see any problems with using the image you provided here, but if something should change with the forums, or if you want to modify that image, you may not be able to continue using it in your course. 

You could always use a third-party host for the image, but that really depends on the needs of your clients or company.

I hope this helps!