Grded Quiz "Submit one question at a time"

Sep 26, 2011

Quizmaker using Graded Quiz “Submit one question at a time” is it possible to replace the “Submit” control with “Next” & “Prev” controls as when running using “Submit all at once”.

My objective is to allow students to go back and change an answer and rescore the answer and then proceed answering questions until all are answered. When running in a classroom, oftentimes a student will ask to go back to the previous question.

I am trying to stay away from “Submit all at once” because of the length of time it takes to finish grading.

Additionally, when in Quiz Review, while can navigate with “Prev” & “Next” controls, is it possible to add a “Finish” control or should the student simply click the “X” control in the upper right corner to terminate the session?

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