Help, my course turned "completed" in the LMS even when it should not

Jan 25, 2019

Hi everybody,

One of my course is supposed to be completed only when the learner gets >80% of good answers to the quiz .  The issue is even when the learner failed to the quiz, the course is marked as completed in the LMS.

I have checked the "report status to LMS" that is set to"Passed/Incomplete", I have also checked that the tracking is done using the quiz result.  And I have also checked the quiz properties where the passing score is 80%.

I have compared the setting with another course and did not find something either.

Anything I would have missed to look at?

Many thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peggy,

It sounds like your LMS is registering the Completion status and not the Success status.

The completion status monitors when learners finish a course. The completion status is either Complete or Incomplete.

The success status monitors how learners perform. Did they master or satisfy the course requirement? That is, did they view a certain number of slides, finish a quiz, or trigger completion? The success status is usually Passed or Failed, though it can also be Unknown.

Storyline and Studio courses automatically send status updates to your LMS. The status values you see in your LMS depend on the reporting option and LMS standard you choose and how your LMS interprets statuses.

There are some additional details in this article that may help - but ultimately I'd suggest reaching out to your LMS team to determine what status and settings you should use. 

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