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Douglas Spencer

You could always educate users where to look by adding in a slide that details what they will expect later on in the course. To help attract their attention to certain areas, you could also fly in a courser image or surround the area with a see-though oval that would look like the hotspot placeholder when published.

Sindy Chettiath

Thank you for the suggestion. I do include a slide that offers an explanation of what to expect during the course. The hot spot item I'm referring to is for assessment questions. When a learner. Need to respond to a hot spot question and makes their selection there is a pulsating icon if you will that display. It is black. Many of the hot spot questions I ask are pictorial and the black icon is hard to see in images. The learner questions if the selection was accurately made and hesitates in submitting their response. It would help if we had the option to alter the color and size of the item. Basically....have the similar customizing options we have for multiple choice responses, for example. Thanks again.