How can I edit media properties on word bank style quiz question?

I've got a screen image I'm using (screen capture using print screen, then paste to powerpoint, cropped in powerpoint) in a word bank quiz question and I can't find the media controls to adjust the size of the image as shown on the page, nor the zoomed-in image when the user clicks on the zoom icon. The zoomed image is blurry, I think it's being compressed somewhere and would like to replace it with a higher-quality image, but not sure how. Can anyone help? The standard "edit properties" media option from Engage isn't available, is there a different way to edit dimensions and sizes of media objects in quizmaker?

Thanks in advance!

Karen Smith

eLearning architect

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Brian Batt

Hi Karen,

I'd recommend starting here:

After inserting media, you can click on the Format tab to adjust the image as needed.

Finally, take a look at the article below on how to get perfect screenshots: