How to add more than one sound clip

I recently made a flag quiz and discovered (through the forum) that by adding text to the Choice column and text to the Match column (MATCHING DRAG AND DROP) - and then going into the Slide View and adding the flags to the Choice column I could achieve relatively what I wanted as a Drag and drop the country to the correct flag.

I want to do the same to sound files as well, but when I add more than one sound they all play together. Is there any way that I could get the quiz taker to just click on one sound file at a time and it plays one at a time?

Sorry, if this sounds confusing..

Thanks in advance,


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David Anderson

Hi Richard,

To work with multiple sound files you could save the audio as mp4  files and have audio-only videos.

Take a look at these two screencasts to see if this is along the idea of what you're looking to do:

Jeanette's audio technique:

Tom's multiple video technique:

Dana Massin

The way I have remedied this in the past is to create a loop of slides.

If you add a sound clip in Articulate, it defaults to play automatically when the slide is entered. So then, when the user wants to hear a specific sound, they have to enter a specific slide. If you wanted users to click on "buttons" to play specific sounds on command you would need:

1. Slide with buttons

2. A slide for each sound (sound will play upon entering the slide)

3. Hyperlink the buttons on slide 1 to the applicable slide for each sound.

Then, just copy the button hyperlinks from slide 1 and paste them onto all of the sound slides, then no matter what slide they're on, they can continue clicking to get more sounds to play. Remember to also include a 'Next' button that will let them out of the loop. (If your sound loop is slides 1-10, then make the 'Next' button on each slide hyperlink to slide 11.

It's a little tricky, but it gives me the result I want. When all of the slides look identical, the user has no idea that they're moving to a different slide for each sound clip. All they know is that when they click on an icon, the associated sound plays!