How to force "Retry Quiz" option to be available?

I have a one question quiz that I'm using as a way to see where the learner is in a course - gauge their readiness, basically. I have very specific feedback by answer - so no matter *how* they get the question wrong, I can guide them to where they need to go. If a student gets this question wrong (a simple multiple-choice with only one option right question type) - when I was first doing the quizmaker file it would give the student a "retry quiz" option and "finish" at the end of this one question quiz. Today, though, after I've tinkered with the quiz templates the last few days for OTHER needs for quizzes elsewhere in the course, I'm no longer getting that "retry quiz" option on the feedback window.

How do I configure it so that this option is available? If the student is wrong, I want them to have the option to move on (finish) or retry. I'm using the graded quiz type, even though I have the % correct set to 0, student can skip the question, etc.

Can someone help me? I have this strong feeling it's a simple option somewhere that I have just overlooked. Thanks so much!

Karen Smith

eLearning architect

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Brian Batt

Hi Karen,

A quiz cannot be retried unless the quiz is published to a presentation. You can enable the Retry Quiz button by using the method below:

1, Go to Player Templates > Edit > Navigation > Resume.

2. Check Prompt to resume on quiz restart.

3. Save the player template, and close the Player Template Manager.

4. Click Save and Return to Presenter.

5. On the slide placeholder for the quiz, click the Properties button.

6. Change User may attempt quiz: to unlimited.

7. Click the Close button.

8. Republish your presentation.