How to reset quizzes after first attempt

Hello all, 

I am currently using Articulate 360 to create online trainings using Studio (presenter, engage and quizmaker). I am running into an issue with quizmaker. I have a few different types of quizzes in my training (for ex/ a graded word bank and freeform drag and drop) and i want the learner to be able to attempt each quiz 2x. After the 1st incorrect attempt I want the quiz to reset so they can try again. For example, for the drag and drop i'd like the quiz to reset so that the items go back to their original position. When I google around to research this i am only seeing solutions for Storyline using triggers. I am not using Storyline. I'd appreciate any guidance. Thank you very much.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Laura, welcome to the community!

Have you already enabled the Retry button on the Result Slide?  This option adds a Retry Quiz button to your result slide, so learners can retake the quiz. Then, select a number of attempts from the Retries drop-down.

Tip: If you only want to give learners the opportunity to retry your quiz when they fail, mark this option on the Failure layer but not the Success layer.

I hope that helps!

Jan Brooks

I'm trying to do this, too. I have 3 drag & drop questions in my quiz. I want to reset each one upon attempting the question - not at the end of the quiz. 

I have a Review button on the page that appears upon first attempt whether the question is answered correct or incorrect. I'd like to use that button to reset the question so it appears unattempted. How can I do that?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jan,

There isn't a way to "refresh" a singular slide - but you could look at using a "Jump to slide" to access a blank slide, which has a trigger to jump to slide question X when timeline starts? It would be a brief flash potentially between slides, but that would allow you to use the option Wendy mentioned with the "reset to initial state" of a slide.

KC Chou

In the current edition of Presenter 360, there is no "reset to initial state" in the slide properties pull down box.  

I use "retry the quiz" from the Result Slide Options.  After a fixed number of attempts in redoing the quiz with new randomly selected questions (worked really well here), the learner has to click "finish" to direct them to previous materials (hoping the learner would review it).  Now, the learner has ran out of all the attempts set for this quiz.  There is no reset for the quiz and the learner gets stuck here - can go back by not forward, and cannot take a new quiz.  Not very ideal for a self pace learning course.  Suggestions?

Lauren Connelly

Hello KC!

There isn't a "Reset to initial state" setting in Presenter 360, just Storyline 360. I'd recommend importing the Presenter 360 project and the Quizmaker 360 quiz in Storyline 360, so that you can have control over how the course behaves when reviewing. 

I'm eager to see what other community members recommend. Let me know if you have additional questions!

KC Chou


Thanks for the suggestion.  Where can I find the "reset to initial state" in Storyline 360. 

To all:  For what I need with my presentation and quizzes, Storyline is way more cumbersome than the nice plug-in of Studio & Presenter.  I imported the entire file from Presenter to Storyline for testing.  So far, the animation sequence is randomly successful, the quiz is almost a disaster.  A blank result view appeared instead of success or failure layer.  In addition, the preview skipped all the slides from the end of first quiz to the end of my second quiz.  I read the user guide on slide properties, result slide..... None of those changed from the setting in Presentation.