How to stop Audio keep playing on the next slide

Feb 02, 2022

I'm current updating old Articulate 13 files to Articulate 360. One issue with Quizmaker files was the audio on the previous slide will keep playing on the next quiz slide which also has another audio.  So both audio (on different slides)will play overlapping.  I'm wondering if there is anyway such as adding a trigger to stop playing audio from previous slide in Quizmaker? 

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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, and thanks for reaching out!

We have a bug reported to our team where the audio continues to play on the following slide if the Feedback is set to by question.

If this sounds like your setup, it looks like the workaround is to choose none for the Feedback. You could also import your slides to Storyline 360: Storyline 360: Importing Slides from Quizmaker.

If your setup is different, can you share your project in a support case so we can investigate? We'll reach out soon after hearing from you!