Hyperlink from Quizmaker to Engage Player Tab

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to hyperlink from an incorrect selection in QuizMaker to a player tab?

I would like learners to be able to branch as information is needed. I know I can branch to content in ppt. But would like users to also have unrestricted access.

As a write this I realize I could publish the engage interactions to the naviagation menu and the player tab - but that will increase overall file size.

Thank you!


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Brian Batt

Hi Xanthe,

You can't link from a quiz to a specific Engage interaction out of the box.  However, you might want to try the workaround in the link below:


The workaround is specifically for hyperlinking from a slide to a tab.  Thus, I do not know if it'll work to hyperlink from a quiz to a tab.