Hyperlinks working only with IE and Firefox

Apr 22, 2011


My hyperlinks don't work in Safari and Chrome. They work fine in IE and Firefox.

With Safari, it's worse : I get some crashes, even when running a quiz without activating hyperlinks, and I have to kill the Safari application with the task manager to continue.

Any idea ?



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Justin Wilcox

I would take a look at this article


Pay special attention to this:

To properly test hyperlinks in your presentation, you should publish the presentation for the same environment where you will eventually host the content, and then test it in that environment.  Otherwise, local security restrictions may prevent your hyperlinks from working properly.

  • Web - Upload your presentation to a web server and view via player.html.
  • LMS - Upload your presentation to your LMS and view the content as a registered user in your LMS.
  • Articulate Online - Upload your presentation to your Articulate Online account and view the presentation in Articulate Online.
  • CD - View your published output using the Launch_Presentation.exe file.
  • Preview – Testing hyperlinks in Preview is not supported. To test a hyperlink you should publish your content and upload your content to the environment you published for. If you aren’t ready to upload your content, test your content by publishing for CD and view by double clicking the Launch_Presentation.exe file in the published output.

Hi Justin and Phil,

I do know about testing locally or from a server. I know hyperlinks don't work when tested locally.

The presentation I'm talking about is uploaded on a server, and launched from this server.

I confirm hyperlinks do not work with Safari and Chrome, and work perfectly with IE and Firefox.

I confirm too that Safari is unable to run the quiz correctly.

That's extremely annoying.

Any idea ?



Phil Mayor

Hi Andre

I have just tested hyperlinks and quizes on safari, sorry don't have chrome but they work fine.

Do you have the latest version of flash installed for safari?  Also i would publish to cd and test on my machine, you will need to change your default browser to safari and then to chrome, this would rule out the published file being broke.



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Hi Phil,

I updated flash player, and you'reright, hyperlinks work in Safari and Chrome.

In fact, it was a popup windows setting that needed to be tuned.

Nevertheless, I have a serious issuewith Safari.

I've done a lot of tests, and here aremy findings :

As long as I don't click an hyperlink,everything is fine.

When I click an hyperlink, a new tabopens in Safari, with the web page correctly displayed.

If I leave this tab open, and thencontinue the quiz, everything is OK.

BUT, if I close the tab, and try tocontinue the quiz, Safari crashes.

Could you please verify ?

Here is the link to the quiz online.

Thank you for your help.



Thanks Phil.

Everything now works fine on my PC too. I probably have made a mistake, confusing different versions of the quiz.

I sware I didn't drink wine for lunch !

Another question, if you don't mind :

When I quit the quiz before end, if I lauch the quiz again, the program asks me if I want to resume or start a new quiz.

How does it know the question I was on when I left the program ? I suppose the program creates a cookie on my computer.

Is that true ?



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