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Jon DeMartino

I'd deleted it but have set up some questions with images and shapes to show you what I mean. I will also upload the two images I used, one a JPG and one a PNG. Neither worked. Let me know if they uploaded properly. And thanks for any help you can offer. I'd first noticed this when republishing a course I'd made a few years ago, for a client who wanted it pub for web instead of LMS. I noticed that some of the images were now only partially visible in my quizzes. I removed the images altogether in that case, thinking it was just a fluke occurrence. 

Only difference I know of is I got a new computer, which runs Windows 8.1, since I first created that earlier course. I downloaded the Articulate package again from the web but haven't used it much lately, until now. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jon! I appreciate you sharing the images and the .quiz file. I see no issue with your course. The images show as expected.

After your further discussion, I'm wondering if you may have an incompatibility. 

For a complete list of system requirements for all Studio '09 products, please see this document. Be sure that you are working locally on both your software and files as well.