Importing edited quiz slides from Storyline back into Quizmaster and vice versa

Hello  I am working on a Storyline project which incorporates questions from Quizmaster.  I have edited quite a few of the slides on Storyline and am wondering if it is possible to copy the edited quiz slides or question banks from storyline back to Quizmaster so I can have a copy of the edited slides on file in Quizmaster.  

I have also needed to add new slides to one of the Quizmaster question banks and wanted to import them to the Storyline project.  However when I try and import from Quizmaster i get the following error :

Could Not Open Quiz

The quiz could not be opened. Please make sure it isn't open in Quizmaster.

The thing is I don't have Quizmaster open so I am at a standstill.  Can you please help.




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