Incomplete Data from Email Quiz Results

Dec 20, 2012


I set up a mandatory evaluation in my recent module  using survey questions  with a link for the results to be emailed to a colleague for review.

We have had great success with most users, until today where the results are incomplete, e.g. user's name missing, answer to questions not visible

No changes have been made to the properties - users cannot leave the assessment until its been completed so I can't work out what has gone wrong

any ideas??



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Sarah Street

Hi Christine

thanks for the response.

The quiz in Articulate seems to work fine (from what I can establish from the user) but the output in the email doesn't appear correct.

I have the quiz set for 1 attempt only - it is because it is a health & safety questionnaire so we are not testing their knowledge as such but asking them to provide us with information

hope that makes sense!



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sarah,

That is strange and it sounds like it may be system-specific. If you'd like, we can take a closer look at what's going on. If the quiz is standalone, please include your .quiz file. If you're inserting the quiz into Presenter, please include a Presenter Package

Also, if you do submit the files, please share the case details with me, so I can follow the progress and update this thread.

Thanks again Sarah!


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