Insert Engage Labeled Graphic into Quizmaker Quiz (Studio '09)


I am having trouble inserting an Engage Labeled Graphic Interaction into Quizmaker Quiz (Studio '09).  I have seen a couple of videos in the community, but those people must have different editions that I do, because it doesn't work.

I have simply tried to put the whole Interaction folder into the same file as the quiz, then insert flash (.swf file).  Every time I do that, my Quizmaker is rendered unresponsive.

This is a pretty urgent need, so quick help is appreciated! 

Thank you,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jaimie!

Embedding an Engage interaction into a Quizmaker quiz is not currently supported. You may want to submit a feature request to our product development team here: 

You may be able to embed an Engage interaction into a Quizmaker quiz using the method described in this article: 

Please note that this method is not supported by Articulate.