Is it possible to allow users to print their result slide?

May 21, 2012

I hope this is useful to others...

I'm making QM lessons in CD format. I'd like the test taker to be able to print their final result slide (to keep for their personal record).

Currently, if I select the 'Allow users to print' option, it prints all the questions and their answers plus correct answers. I don't want that. I'd just like the final result slide with their percentage result and point score out of points.

Perhaps print to pdf or even html.

Thanks in advance....

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Mushfiq, on your result slide, you can remove the Review Quiz option if you don't want the question/answer details to appear on the Print Results screen. Bascially, the Review Quiz option will control not only whether the user is able to review their quiz after finishing it, but also whether they see full details on their Print Results. Here's a bit more info on that.

If you remove the Review Quiz button from your result slides, then the learners' printout will show only the date/time, score, the passing score, and whether they passed or failed.

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