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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

I currently had a quizmaker quiz open that had 21 questions - so I added a few more and was still able to update and edit their  name within the Question list. So if you're running into difficulty with this, we'll want to take a look at the .quiz file. You'll also want to confirm that you're working as described here. 

F Blijkers

Hi Ashley,

I sort of found a way around my problem. What I discovered is, if you build a quiz question after question, as I do, then when you reach slide n° 20, the vertical cursor in the question list doesn't appear yet, and therefore I was unable to rename my question slide n° 20.  If you then add more slides, the cursor appears and you are able to rename the questions except the one closest to the bottom of the question list, you then have to add some more slides and so forth...maybe a 'bug' in the software?

Thanks for your help anyway.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

I'm not sure I'm clear on what you're describing so let me try to explain what I saw and how it behaves...

I've got a .quiz file with 20 questions, and I view the player -> question list. I see all the slide titles/questions listed there. I don't see any vertical scroll bar, but a horizontal one as I have some long questions. 

I then add one question at a time, and continue to go back to check the player-> question list. I see each question and at question 22, I start to see the vertical scroll bar - and I'm able to scroll and click on different questions to change the title or how it's listed. 

If I'm misunderstanding what you're describing are you able to share a screenshot of what you're seeing?