LMS that works best with Articulate?

Apr 19, 2012

SumTotal Maestro doesn't play well with Articulate Quizmaker.  It can't set the number attempts and translate the number of attempts set in Quizmaker.  The only solution according to SumTotal is to use their bare bones quiz tool.  This way the number of attempts can be limited. 

Which LMS works best with Quizmaker?  What LMS is everyone using that can communicate with Articulate so the number of attempts set in Quizmaker can take precedence?

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Steve Flowers

Hmm... there isn't anything in the SCORM spec I know of that enables API write / read for attempts from the SCO at runtime. With SCORM2004 I think there are some rules / rollups that will let you do this but it's from the manifest and not from the content itself. No LMS I've had experience with (Sumtotal, Saba, Plateau or Inquisiq) have a mechanism for the content to override the attempts allowed. Maybe I'm not understanding correctly.

Robbin Hessa

Well, I set up Quizmaker for 3 attempts.  However, that doesn't really mean 3 attempts.  Everytime a learner returns to the link in the LMS and clicks on it again, they can get more attempts.  So in essence, what does the 3 attempts, 1 attempt, etc.  really mean.  You can go into the course an infinite number of times.  I have set the quizmaker quiz to three attempts, but I've already gone into SumTotal Maestro and taken it 5 times.  So what's the benefit of setting the attempts in Quizmaker?

Robbin Hessa

Maestro is saying that I would have to use their bare bones prehistoric quiz tool to create questions and therefore, I can set the number of attempts a learner can take the quiz.  However, setting attempts in Quizmaker means nothing to this particular LMS.  Pop-up blockers add to the number of attempts and apparently, I can take the quiz an infinite number of times, no matter what number of attempt settings I have established in Quizmaker.

Steve Flowers

Is the LMS not saving resume data for the quiz? As I remember, Quizmaker attempts are stored in a variable that gets set through suspend data on the LMS. When the LMS relaunches the quiz, that data should be restored. When the data is restored, the quizmaker publish itself should stop after a certain number of attempts. If it's not, it could mean that the course isn't receiving the resume data.

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