Matching drop down cuts of answers in review

Sep 24, 2011

Is there any way to customize this so the answers in the drop down aren't cut off?

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Karen Allen

Hi Brian,

Thanks so much for the response. Yes I did and as you can see in the attached screen shot the issue is not the quiz itself, that is fine. It;'s in the  Review Quiz view.

After the learner takes the quiz and clicks:

  1. Learner clicks Submit
  2. Learner clicks View results
  3. Learner clicks Review Quiz

See the difference in the screen shot in the thread above relative to the one here? It seems that even if the drop down boxes are adquately sized to show the answers, in the Review Quiz view, they get smushed.

Frederic Leblanc


I have the same problem with matching drop-down question type. Once the quiz is completed and learner goes back to the question in review mode, it seems that there's a fixed size and layout for the chozen option and the good answer. I can optimize for the question mode but impossible to customize the default display in the review mode.

In addition to that, always in review mode, long answer text goes out of the layout (no automatic size fit or line jump).

Hope it is clear and you got any suggestion to resolve this issue.

Brian Batt

Hi Frederic & welcome to Heroes,

To workaround the issue, use the method below:

1.  In Form View, add several spaces to the end of one of the answers using the space bar.

2.  At the end of the spaces, press and hold the Alt key, then type u2003.  Upon letting go of the Alt key, you'll see a box.  This is expected and won't show up in the published output

3.  Publish your quiz & view quiz review

If everything doesn't fit as expected, go back to the answer & add a few more spaces using the space bar.

Note:  You only need to perform this workaround on one of the answers.

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