Matching Dropdown annoyance...

Jul 28, 2011

Hi people.

I have a Matching Dropdown quiz - you can see it here:

So..the problem is that neither me or the SME ever seem to get it correct when we answer it, even thought we give the correct answers!

I think the quiz, in some way I cannot fully fathom is expecting us to match the EXACT answer matches with the with the Choice, rather than the "concept", (if that makes sense. is in effect saying: "NO! Not THAT "food Contact Surfaces you fool...the OTHER" food contact surfaces option..."

I have also uncheckeed the "Shuffle Answers" option in Quiz Properties.

I hope THAT made sense!

I have 6 areas, and they can be matched with one of 3 choices. Is there a better, or indeed workable way to do this, without going to 6 x multiple choice options?



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Diane Yamashiro

Bruce, how about if you used a multiple response question instead. See Jeanette's tip on "Building a multiple response question that requires users to categorize items": So one text box would list filling equipment, gaskets, catwalks, etc. and three text box column headings for the surface types (food contact, environmental, non-food contact).

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