Might convert from Captivate 5.5

Captivate 5.5 just isn't getting the job done in multiple area's for our project so we're looking to branch out. I mainly work from a Mac but couldn't find a Mac download link, is Articulate windows only?

Also some other area's of concern:

1. Users seem to be having a hard time submitting their results for some reason. How does articulate handle this? We're currently using internal server reporting. Can we collect the username (either straight from the database) or have the user enter it only once, and then automatically submit the results.

2. We need to be able to email the exam results to us (as well as report in a central location). Is this possible? Currently its not possible in Captivate but I've got a widget that will export the score as a variable in the URL, and a form that get automatically filled in and sent when the page is viewed. If Articulate can not automatically send an email, is it possible to export the score some how (ex: email.php?score=100)

3. We need to be able to load a webpage directly in to the move. Captivate has 0 support for this, and says its impossible due to security concerns. Is this something that is possible here?

Thats about all the questions for now. Thanks for any advice.

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Justin Wilcox

Hi David and welcome to Heroes!

Articulate is Windows only, though you could use Parallels or Boot Camp on a mac to run Windows.

1 and 2. Quizmaker is designed primarily as an elearning development tool to be used in conjunction with Articulate Online or your own Learning Management System (LMS).  You can track and report quiz and survey results via stand-alone Quizmaker quizzes or those embedded in Articulate Presenter using a number of methods.

For the best results and most accurate reporting, we recommend Articulate Online:

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Articulate Online here:

Your own SCORM- or AICC-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) will also provide accurate tracking capabilities.  Here are some open-source options for tracking quiz results:

   *  Moodle:  http://www.mozealous.com/upload-and-track-a-quizmaker-09-quiz-in-moodle/

Although email is not intended as a robust tracking mechanism, Quizmaker does provide an option for emailing results.  Upon completion of a quiz, the user can choose to email the results to a designated email address.  The results are sent in raw text format in the body of an email (raw text is the most flexible and universal data format).  The recipient can then copy and paste the comma-separated output from the email into a text file and open it via Excel.  After importing into Excel, you can select a "Table" format to organize the data into columns for better analysis.

Due to web browser, Flash Player, and email security issues, this method may not always work as expected.  We suggest that you thoroughly test this method in your environment to see if it meets your needs.  For more information, please review the following article:

Tracking results via a text file or a database is not supported.  You may want to consult our Community Forums if you are looking to track quizzes outside of the supported methods:

Some of our customers are successfully sending Quizmaker results via PHP or by using a database, but these methods are not supported by Articulate.  You can learn more about these methods here:
3. Presenter does allow you to insert a web object into a presentation.