More than 1 hotspot available?

Dec 27, 2011

Can you can have more than 1 hotspot for the answer in a Hotspot question?  It looks like a no because after I added a hotspot the only option was to remove it, not another one, but thought I'd ask just in case I'm missing something.



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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Rachel,

Currently it's not possible to have multiple hotspots, but we really appreciate feature requests, which you can submit here.

In the meantime, here are a couple workarounds that might give you what you're looking for:

Simulating multiple hotspots

Using a multiple response question to create multiple hotspots

Jenise Cook (

I did try the multiple response for a construction worker course, as an ungraded activity, and it worked great. The hotspot was too hard to draw due to many curves and angles.

But now, I may need to use hotspots in place of a Drag-n-Drop graded quiz, as we want all images on text.

(See my post: )

Instead of a Hotspot quiz to replace a Drag-n-Drop quiz, I may try using a multiple response (or multiple choice) one instead. LOL


Shivali Kaila


I came across the tutorial about hotspots that says:

  • You must have at least one hotspot.  You can add more hotspots if you want, but only one is required.
  • If you are building a hotspot question that will be graded (scored), the first hotspot that you draw will be green, which indicates that it is the correct response.  If you draw any additional hotspots, they will be red, which indicates that they are incorrect responses. You will be able to change which hotspot is the correct one at any time after you add at least two hotspots (see below).
  • There can be only one correct hotspot in a graded question.
  • On the other hand, if you are building a hotspot question that will be unscored, all the hotspots will be green, since there are no wrong answers for an unscored question."

Can you explain how this is done? tutorial is not very clear so may be a screenr can help. appreciate it. 



Shivali Kaila

Thanks Jeanette for a quick response. I was actually looking atquizmaker, but it doesn't matter, if I can get this in Storyline, I can do it.I have to make a training module in next couple of hours which needs a lot ofscreenshots (which I have) & anywhere between 2-4 hotspots in each. Onlyone of them is correct & there is feedback by answer. Which is the best wayto do it? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks a lot! 

Jeanette Brooks

It sounds like either product would work for you. In Quizmaker, you identify the correct area by inserting a hotspot. When the learner takes the quiz, they can click anywhere on the image, but they will only be considered correct if they click the hotspot you've identified.

In Storyline, it's slightly different because you can provide SEVERAL hotspots. Although only one of them can be considered correct, you can provide customized feedback on any of the other hotspots that the learners click. So if you have a screenshot image with 4 fields and only one of them is correct, you could designate all 4 of them with a hotspot... if the learner clicks an incorrect one, you could provide custom feedback regarding what they clicked. Such as "Sorry, that's the Account Number field, which is not the correct answer. Try again to identify the field where you should enter an Employee Number" ...or something like that.

Karyn Aberts

I know I can't have more than one correct hotspot answer, but I am trying to find some original ways to work around this.  I have used the option of one large hotspot area as well as the tutorial above which is fine, but I was wondering if there were a way to add feedback for each correct click they make.

I am using Ouizmaker, as I haven't moved on to Storyline yet.  I had tried doing this with a blank slide and using the animation options, but it doesn't look like there is a way to "trigger" the animated object with a specific action.  Any other ideas?

I realize this may sound very confusing

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Karyn,

Outside of the approaches mentioned above there isn't currently a way in Quizmaker 09 to simulate a multiple-hotspot type of interaction. If you don't need to score or report your interaction, I wonder if it might be more effective to use PowerPoint slides (with hyperlinks that display feedback for each clickable spot)?

Karyn Aberts

Thanks, I have played around and realized that my best course of action was to duplicate the hotspot slides and then branch when they click the correct answer on one to automatically advance them to the next slide.  If they get it wrong, they keep trying until they get it correct.

I did try creating my originial option in a PPT slide, which does work well, but you can't then import that slide into the middle of the quiz.  I was trying to see if I could do it with a blank slided within Quizmaker, but it doesn't have all the same functionality.

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