Multiple Criteria Passing Conditions

Is the below passing criteria possible on QuizMaker ?

·         80% will be the pass mark but students must be given feedback and resit wrong questions to get 100%, give them 2 goes at this.

If they can’t get to 100% after 3 attempts they fail and have to do the complete package again. (A notification message will pop up to inform the student about the possible options)

·         If they get 50% or less then it is an automatic fail requiring complete package retake.

·         50-80% scenario : this is a complete resit of 10 questions without having to go back through the training course.   (

The resit questions should be the same ones they got wrong if score is between 50-80%  on first attempt).


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Adrian Dean

Howdy Walid,

Welcome to Heroes. Part one is possible, but will require that the quizzes be inserted into PowerPoint via Presenter.

Part two is possible without Presenter. Together, neither is possible. It's one or the other.

Part three isn't possible. You can't set a range of possible scores to watch for.

Hopefully, the above is clear.

Always Happy to Help,