Multiple fill in the blanks per question and multiple questions per page

Dec 16, 2015

We will need to create a test that works best if there are multiple questions on one page. They may be patterns that you need to finish or numbers that you need to compare.


Check the box for numbers that are the same:

12345 12354              __
12223223 12232223  __
444544 444544         __
445444 445444         __
444554 445544         __

then there will be a long list of them. OR:

Finish as many patterns as you can:

15 3 13 3 11 3  __    __
48 43 38 33 28 23 __   __
7 8 10 11 13 14 __   __
31 30 28 2 21 16 __   __
and again, a long list of them. 


Question: Can this be accomplished? The problems I see are that this is designed to be one question at a time. I can't even seem to setup one pattern question at a time in the second examples though as each question requires two answers (two fill in the blanks). Would I have to change these to fill in the next pattern number instead of the next two numbers?


Question 2: If this can be accomplished, would there be a way to force submission upon timeout? In other words if we made a long list of these and the test taker didn't finish filling them out before timeout, could the answers already filled out be force submitted so they don't miss the entire section?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

By default Quizmaker only allows for one question per slide, but you may want to look at threads such as this one where a few different ideas and workarounds are suggested. 

As far as the time out issue, there isn't a way that I know of to accomplish that in Quizmaker, so hopefully someone in the community is able to pop in and share ideas in regards to that. 

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