Multiple Quizzes/Course & "ungraded" quizzes

Aug 10, 2011

I'm sure these questions have been answered before but I was hoping someone could provide a link to the answers as I can't find them using "search."

We were wondering if Articulate is able to do more than 1 quiz in a module? We were thinking of doing a quiz before the module and a quiz for after they complete the module. Also, are we able to create a matching game during the module, not just during the quiz?

If you could provide any information that would be great!


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Brian Batt

Hi Jennifer & welcome to Heroes,

You can place multiple quizzes into your presentation.  However, you can only report one of the quizzes to your LMS (like a final exam).  

You can also customize the result slides so that you can make it appear that the quiz isn't graded.  For more information, I'd recommend this link:

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