Multiple Short Answer or Essay Surveys on One Slide

Jan 08, 2013

I need to be able to show a video several slides and have 2 (or more) short answer and/or essay survey questions for each video on each slide.  Anyone know if this is possible and if so, how?

Also, am I going to have any problems pulling that information off our LearnCenter LMS?  Any tips or tricks when publishing to SCORM?

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Mikki Ashton

Yes it is.  We will have up to 4 larger videos within the quizmaker and several smaller videos with two questions for each of the smaller videos.  WIth file size and loading issues I don't want to add any more extra bulk than I need to.  I've been seeing several posts that suggest embedding the video so there's not path issues.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Mikki, have you tried inserting one video per slide? (That is, if you have 2 questions that rely on a particular video, you could insert the video on each of those question slides, so that the learners can view it from either question.) When you insert multiple instances of the same video into a quiz, the published output will only contain the one copy of the video, so this shouldn't impact loading or playback.  

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