Multiple true/false question

Feb 22, 2011

Can I create a multiple true/false question in quizmaker? For example: "Which of these statements about our annual policy is correct? Select 'true' or 'false' for each one."

I am reworking the client's original by creating a multi-response question that will have roughly the same effect, but wondered if anyone can suggest other solutions or workarounds.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Chris, I'd recommend using a multiple-response question for this. You can rearrange the response boxes into two columns on the question slide, sort of like the example shown here: and you could create an additional textbox for each question statement as needed.

The only thing is, since it is still really considered one question, the scoring would kind of be all-or-nothing. You wouldn't be able to score each T/F response separately. So, the learner would need to mark all of the correct boxes in order to get the question right.

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