Multiple True/False Questions

I know this was discussed in a previous forum, but wondering if anyone has any other creative ideas for presenting multiple true/false questions and providing feedback.  It doesn't necessarily need to be in quizmaker (I'm not scoring it), and I know I can do a many choice question with two columns.  Does anyone have any creative ways of presenting yes/no or true/false type questions.  They can just get so long and boring (for the student and me....).



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Kate Hoelscher

I think I would get the same result of a multiple response question--one feedback for all?  It would make it so I can combine all into one as in multiple response (and give more options for many questions.  I'll think about that and play a little.  Thanks!

I had put in a feature request for being able to do multiple questions on one page with feedback per question previously--perhaps you want to do the same for your situation?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tony,

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Certainly! The more feedback we have for a request the better. 

Also, please make sure that you're as detailed as possible. Try to provide a scenario where this type of feature would be extremely helpful. Share the link with colleagues that would also find this type of feature helpful. 

And just in case you need it, here's the link to share your suggestion with our product development team.