Need for special scoring in Quizmaker

Aug 27, 2013

HI All!

I'm quite new to Quizmaker therefore I'm asking your help in creation a specially? scored quiz. I need to do a quiz in which each answer scored independently. e.g.

in case of multiple choice: if trainees chooses the correct answer out of 4, he gets 4 points. But if he choses the wrong one, he recieves only 3 (4-1).

in case of multipe responses: if trainee chooses the correct answers let's say 2 out of 4, he gets 4 points. 2 for the good ones and 2 for bads one. But if he chooses 3 answers (2 good + 1 bad) he recieves 3 points.

How is it possible to do it Quizmaker if possible at all?

Thanks in advance!

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