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Angela Wright

Yes this changes the outer frame but not the inner frame. In my example below, my green box is a rectangle but the corners get rounded when I preview/publish. My workaround was to make my graphic smaller and change the borders to match my background. No big thing but I was wondering if there was another box I was supposed to check.

Rob Dazey

Just starting to use Articulate 09 and was wondering why the white corners when you check or uncheck "Use Rounded Corners"? In the Color Scheme Editor it shows square corners, but when published there are white rounded corners. I tried changing the "Page Background" to background color, but still there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rob,

I apologize for the delay, are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi Farah. Welcome to the community!

Is this happening with a specific quiz, or with any quiz you create? Are you able to try to make a new quiz and see if the same thing happens? Also, does this show up in Preview, after publishing, or both?